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Vision for 2025

In Year 2019

Start the production of Plant at Telangana. Expansion of RPSF capacity at PPPL.

In Year 2020

Start the production extended capacity at PPPL and Expansion of unit at Telangana.

In Year 2021

Production of extended capacity of Telangana Plant.

In Year 2022-23

Setup of Woven Sack plant in South India to become India largest manufacturer of Woven Sacks and add production of FIBC with complete unit of filler plant, Master batch plant etc.

In Year 2024-25

Enter in to technical textile and set up a plant preferably in Geo Textile.

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Pashupati Polytex Pvt. Ltd. - is renowned for producing a large variety of regular and special application Recycled Polyester Staple Fibers of finest quality from PET Recycling.

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