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Pashupati Polytex

About Pashupati Polytex Pvt. Ltd.

Pashupati Polytex manufacturing facility has profound and ingrained existence in the recycled polyester fibers industry in India. Our company is renowned for producing a large variety of regular and special application Recycled Polyester Staple Fibers (rPSF) and rPET flakes of finest quality from PET Recycling. The rPSF so manufactured is ,however, also known as ‘Green Fiber’.

First we are proud to recycle 4.5 million PET bottles per day that could end up in the landfill, thus contributing significantly to the wellness of the environment. The company’s current production capacity stands at 4,500 tonnes per month and it takes pride in maintaining Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

Innovative Approach

We have dedicated an entire division to research & development and have developed rPSF (solid, hollow and dyed fiber), anti-bacterial, hydrophilic, reinforcement, fire retardant, easy dyeable, easy dyeable cationic (acrylic feel), low melt, biodegradable, nylon 66/6, PP fibers and are developing various speciality fibers to meet our clients’ expectations in dynamic business.

Most Importantly our innovative approach allow us to produce eco-friendly, recycled polyester staple fibers that are made of PET bottles. In Conclusion we perpetually strive to deliver quality and innovation to our valued customers.



Why Choose

Pashupati Polytex Pvt. Ltd.

We recycle 4.5 million PET bottles per day that could end up in the landfill and our current production capacity stands at 4,500 tonnes per month.

4.5 Million PET Bottles recycled per day.

Wide range of Specialty Fibers.

Proven track record of quality and diversity.

International Quality standards & certifications.

Company Statistics

,200 TPY
rPSF Production Capacity
,000 TPY
rPET Flakes Production Capacity
,600 TPY
rPET Chips Food Grade Production Capacity
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