The Journey of Pashupati Group

In year 2000

Import and Exports of Various items.

In year 2007

Incorporation of Pashupati Laminators Pvt. Ltd. (PLPL) (Manufacturer of Woven Fabric & Bag)

In Year 2008

Production of PLPL started with capacity of 20,000 MT/Annum.

In Year 2009

Incorporation of Pashupati Polytex Pvt. Ltd. (PPPL)(Manufacturer of Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber)

In Year 2010

Production of PPPL started with Capacity of 14,000 MT/Annum. Expansion in PLPL to a Capacity of 35,000 MT/Annum.

In Year 2011

Expansion of PPPL to a Capacity of 21,600 MT/Annum.

In Year 2012

Incorporation and start of Production of Shree Ram Polymers.

In Year 2013

Expansion in PPPL to a Capacity of 43,200 MT/Annum.

In Year 2014

Incorporation of SRM Spinner Ltd. (SRM) with 18,144 Spindles (Manufacturer of Synthetic Yarn)

In Year 2015

Production of SRM started.

In Year 2016

Incorporation of Pashupati Extrusion Pvt. Ltd (PEPL). Expansion of PPPL to a Capacity of 54,000 MT/Annum). Expansion of SRM Spinnners to a capacity of 25,000 Spindles (Manufacturer of Polyester Chips)

In Year 2017

Start Product of Pashupati Extrusion for Polyester Chips. Modification at PPPL for Quality improvement. Expansion of PLPL (Proposed). Diversification into Hi-tech & Organic Farming.

In Year 2018

Modification/ Modernization of Pashupati Extrusions for Pet Chips. Modification/ Modernization of PPPL for production achievement with quality and cost reduction. Completion of expansion of PLPL. Proposed New Project of polyester fiber at Telangana State.

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Pashupati Polytex Pvt. Ltd. - is renowned for producing a large variety of regular and special application Recycled Polyester Staple Fibers of finest quality from PET Recycling.

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